Our Facilities

The tuition area features a themed waiting room for students to relax or practice in while waiting for their lesson to begin. Our purpose built rooms were designed with the students comfort in mind and are fully sound insulated to prevent sound spill from other rooms.

We facilitate practice sessions, in which the students are invited to come and play with us the teachers. This is a FREE SERVICE. We have found that students are active, willing and wanting to play with other people. With this in mind we help by organising a practice room in order for students to have a place to get together and play. The rooms will be equipped with our amps, piano and some other instruments if requested. This is also a FREE SERVICE.

We encourage students to try other instruments , so while waiting you can request any instrument we have, to try out while waiting. We will also supply some notes to guide you through.

All our teachers are professional performers also, we are multi-instrumentalists , so we encourage you to try other instruments. With a little knowledge of one instrument we can teach you any. We know the secret to being a multi-instrumentalist and we are here to help you achieve same, IF you are feeling adventurous ! this is not compulsory. It’s all for enjoyment purpose. So if you want to try , we will be there to teach you.

We bring in guest speakers/performers, mainly performers from our vibrant music scene here in Ireland. And when it’s possible I will pluck someone who is touring here to come and share their tricks with you.

This is also a FREE SERVICE we provide.

For enthusiast who wish to learn how to use recording equipment at home we will be bringing in experienced professionals who are top of their league, to teach students the necessary tools in order to start their own recording. Students will be invited to come and learn the basics of working programmes such as Protools, an industry favourite, and you too can then go and start your own home recording.

This is also a FREE SERVICE we provide.

We wish to make your experience here with us a lasting one, and to provide you with all you need to play for fun, or to go on and perform, either way we guarantee the time will be well spent, fun filled and very enjoyable.

The ability to play will stay with you for life, and will always bring you pleasure, for years and years to come.

Drop in anytime!

Mo -Fri 9am - 6pm
Guitar Training Centre, 6 Cumberland Street, DĂșn Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland / Map
+353 (0)83 1958628