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For those about to rock...So you have it in you to become a guitarist? Well, we do too. Remember that Bob Dylan song you love so much? Learn to play it yourself. And that Led Zeppelin solo? Master it. An acoustic version of Black Eyed Peas? Eh, sure that could work too. The point is, once you know how, you can play what you want.

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Our Guitar course’s are the perfect starting point for young players, intermediate players and advanced players!

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Our Piano program is designed for those who want to enrich their playing!

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A potential companion to any instrument the Bass Guitar will make you the most popular musician in the land.

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Sweet Feedback...

  • My son, Philip (10) has been with the Guitar training Centre for over 3 years now. From day one the interactive one to one tuition hit the spot and he has advanced significantly. He enjoys the relaxed atmosphere and it’s the one date in the week that he will not miss.

    Brendan Foster, Blackrock

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Mo -Fri 9am - 6pm
Guitar Training Centre, 6 Cumberland Street, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland / Map
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